Freelance Traditional Artist


A love for Art

I’ve been drawing since I can remember… it was a hobby and a way to relax and escape reality…maybe it is time to look at it as a way of living!

You can say that portraits are the grandparents of todays photography, but for me they are more than a simple record of a person, because every artist leaves a little of himself in it and also in the end it will always be his interpretation of the person he is portraying .

Whether they are realistic or illustration , you have infinite ways to depict them.

Ink, pencil, watercolour…

anything goes

Doodling and sketching is something I’ve been doing since high school. I made quite a collections of sketchbook, notebooks and compilations of random drawings in napkins, paper towels etc. I love them very much, even that some are not that beautiful and they have stains and writing on top of them.


sketch-ink drawing-sketchbook


Ballpoint Pen Drawing, Realistic Portrait, Maria Medeiros & Uma Thurman

Ballpoint pen

it’s not just for writing 

I just love working with ballpoint pen, it takes time, patience, concentration and little room for mistakes, specially when it comes to realistic drawings. 

Allows me to shutdown the outside world and relax


My mini projects

Arts and crafts, can’t seem to stop doing it

Always looking for something new to create with my own hands. Making little gifts for family and friends. Trying with all types of materials and see crazy experiments coming to life.